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At Safety First Colorado, we are the company to call when it comes to the safety of your tile, masonry or concrete floors, epoxy flooring, pool decks, showers/bathtubs at your home or business. Safety is our specialty! Why are we concerned with the safety of your floors, tubs, and shower areas? It's because they are often overlooked and your next step is taken for granted. We can not prevent an occasional spill or puddle, but we can dramatically reduce the slip and fall risk that they produce!

Tile Flooring
Tubs & Showers
Marble and Stone 
Why Do We Treat Floors/Tubs/Showers?
Please read these actual published reviews related to untreated surfaces via TripAdvisor.com:
Preventable Accidents: You don't have to be one step away from catastrophe!
Slip and fall prevention is a huge responsibility and we have a solution that provides peace of mind.

Safety First Colorado

DON'T SLIP...GET A GRIP! Slip and fall prevention